Ian Bird, PhD
Tenured Professor (Research)
Vice Chair of Research

Meriter Hospital, 7E Meriter Hospital Park
202 S. Park (Meriter)
Madison, WI, 53715

Administrative Assistant
Cindy Goss



Ian Bird, PhD

Tenured Professor (Research)
Vice Chair of Research
Faculty   •   Reproductive Sciences


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BSc (hons) 1984 Birmingham University, Birmingham, U.K.
PhD 1987 University of London, Middlesex Hospital Medical School, London, U.K.
1st Postdoctoral Position: University of Edinburgh, Scotland.
2nd Postdoctoral Position: UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas TX, USA.

Research Focus:

(i) Control of pregnancy-induced changes in cell function / endocrine signaling in response to growth factor, cytokine and heptahelical receptor agonists by uterine artery endothelium.
(ii) Control of adrenal and gonadal steroidogenesis at the level of P450c17 vs 3BHSD expression and 17 alpha-hydroxylase vs lyase activity.

(i) Relate growth factor and cytokine biomarkers that promote endothelial dysfunction to changes in uteroplacental flow and vascular function in preeclampsia. Identify pharmacologic targets to treat preeclampsia.
(ii) Monitor adrenal steroid biosynthesis in higher mammals/humans and studying changes in adrenal and gonadal steroidogenesis in health and disease. Identifying pharmacologic targets to restore normal reproductive function.
(iii) Identify and evaluate steroid biosynthesis inhibitors for their ability to treat reproductive cancer.

Research Funding:

PI NIH R13 HD036244 2015/04/01-2019/06/30 Perinatal Research Society Annual Meeting
PI NIH T32 HD41921 2014/05/01-2019/04/30 Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Training Grant
PI NIH P01 HD38843 2013/07/01-2018/06/30 Importance of Endothelial Cell-Cell Communication at the Maternal Fetal Interface
PI NIH R13 HD079163 2013/07/01-2018/06/30 Perinatal Research Society YI Grants Writing Workshop
Co-Investigator NIH U01 HD087216 2015/09/01-2019/08/31 Advanced MRI FOR Uteroplacental Flow, Perfusion, Oxygenation & Inflammation
Co-Investigator NIH T32 HD049302 2012/05/01-2017/04/30 Health Disparities Research Scholars
Co-Investigator NIH R25 2012/02/01-2017/01/31 Training and Education to Advance Minorities in Science (TEAM-Science)
PI NIH R01 HL079020 2011/05/01-2016/04/30 Pregnancy/NO Induced Changes in UAE Ca2+ Signaling


Recent Honors and Awards:

1984 Science and Engineering Research Council, CASE Postgraduate Studentship
1988 Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, Faculty of Medicine, University of Edinburgh
1990 Sir Stanley and Lady Davidson Lectureship and Research Award, Faculty of Medicine, University of Edinburgh
1991 Sir Stanley and Lady Davidson Lectureship and Research Award, Faculty of Medicine, University of Edinburgh
1991 Post doctoral Fellowship/Assistant Instructorship with JI Mason funded from NIH Training Grant to Cecil and Ida Green Center, UTSW Medical center, Dallas TX
2007 Elected Council Perinatal Research Society. Basic Science Representative
2009 Elected Secretary Treasurer Perinatal Research Society
2014 President Elect Perinatal Research Society
2016 President Perinatal Research Society
2016 Secretary Treasurer Elect Society Reproductive Investigation.

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