Do You Have a NetID Account?

  • If you are a member of the UW-Madison faculty or staff, you can use your UW-Madison NetID account to login. A NetID is your username and password combination which allows access to your wiscmail. If you have wiscmail (etc. - example is the NetID) please click the NetID Login button below and enter your NetID credentials.

  • If you do not have a UW-Madison NetID account, please contact the Ob-Gyn IT group so you can sign up for an Ob-Gyn Extranet account. Once you have an Ob-Gyn Extranet account, or if you have an existing Ob-Gyn Extranet account, please click the Ob-Gyn Extranet button below and enter your Ob-Gyn Extranet credentials.

  • Please contact the Ob-Gyn IT group if you experience any difficulties logging in or have any questions.


NetID Login Ob-Gyn Extranet