Congratulations 2019 ERP graduates!

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On Friday, May 10, three students in the Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Program with UW Ob-Gyn mentors graduated! Congratulations to these newly minted PhDs:

  • Yousef Alharbi, PhD – mentored by Manish Patankar, PhD, of the UW Ob-Gyn Division of Reproductive Sciences
  • Kenna Degner, PhD – mentored by Dinesh Shah, MD, of the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine
  • Jessica Vazquez, PhD – mentored by Aleks Stanic, MD, PhD, of the Divisions of Reproductive Sciences and Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Thank you to these graduates for their contributions to our department, and to the science and understanding of reproductive endocrinology. Congratulations, and best wishes with your next endeavors!