Golos, Zheng among winners of ICTR pilot awards!

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The UW-Madison Institute for Clinical and Translational Research announced winners of its pilot grants in August. UW Ob-Gyn faculty Ted Golos, PhD, and Jing Zheng, PhD, both of the UW Ob-Gyn Division of Reproductive Sciences, will serves as principal investigators or co-investigators on three grants between them:

Secretion of Primate-specific miRNAs in Early Placentation

  • Jenna Kropp Schmidt, PhD, UW VC for Research & Graduate Education
  • Collaborator: Thaddeus Golos, UW SVM
  • *Co-Funding: Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Role of Endogenous Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Ligant in Pregnancy

  • Jing Zheng, PhD, UW School Medicine & Public Health; Sathish Kumar, PhD, UW School Veterinary Medicine
  • Collaborator: Chi Zhou, UW SMPH

A Primatized Mouse Model for Transplantation Immunology Studies

  • Matthew Brown, PhD, UW School of Medicine & Public Health
  • Collaborators: Thaddeus Golos, UW SVM; James A Thomson, William Burlingham, UW SMPH
  • *Co-Funding: Wisconsin National Primate Research Center

Congratulations, Dr. Zheng and Dr. Golos!