Green discusses Black maternal health outcomes on WPR

Tags: Tiffany Green, reproductive and population health

On April 14, 2021, during Black Maternal Health Week, Tiffany Green, PhD joined The Morning Show on Wisconsin Public Radio to discuss Black maternal health outcomes. Green is an assistant professor in the UW Departments of Ob-Gyn and Population Health Sciences.

During the interview, Green discussed the broader, systemic inequalities that drive disparities in Black maternal and infant health outcomes:

“Wisconsin has long had high Black infant mortality rates, and we also have high levels of inequality, high levels of Black male incarceration, relatively high levels of unemployment among Black Wisconsinites, the list goes on and on. Those things are necessary for having healthy pregnancies and healthy births and healthy Wisconsinites in general. So when we have these levels of inequality, we have these levels of structural discrimination, it’s not surprising in that sense that we have these problems.”

Green also emphasized the importance of focusing on systemic issues in medical training and medical practice, being realistic about the utility of implicit bias training, and addressing wealth inequality and discrimination in medical care for Black moms and children.

Listen to the whole interview here.