Green discusses racial disparities and COVID-19 with Medical News Today, VOX, NBC-15

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Tiffany Green, PhD, assistant professor in the UW Ob-Gyn Division of Reproductive and Population Health and the UW-Madison Department of Population Health Sciences, discussed racial/ethnic disparities and COVID-19 in Wisconsin and the U.S. with multiple outlets in recent weeks.

In this excellent interview in Medical News Today, Green outlined several systemic inequities leading to disproportionately high COVID-19 infection rates in Black and Latinx people, and policy suggestions to help address some health disparities in the short and long term:

“In the short-term, expanding Medicaid to all of the states and implementing emergency Medicaid are critical to fighting COVID-19. Now that we have millions of Americans out of work, it is clearer than ever that it is not in the interest of public health to have healthcare coverage tied to employment. The ACA [Affordable Care Act] was intended to fill in many of the gaps, but the 2012 Supreme Court Decision allowed states to opt out of Medicaid expansions….

 we also need to focus on addressing the underlying disparities in social determinants that produce these inequities, including ensuring continual access to electricity and running water and [addressing the] lack of additional resources due to segregation and other factors.”

Read the entirety of ‘A no-win situation’ – Expert weighs in on COVID-19 racial disparities – Green makes amazing points throughout.

Green joined NBC-15 in Madison (watch here) to talk about the heavier impact COVID-19 has on communities of color in Wisconsin, and some of the factors that lead to that increased impact:

“"The same things that cause those health disparities, in resources, in healthcare, in income, in wealth...all of those things contribute to disparities in COVID-19," said Green.”

She also provides input on a national legislative effort focused on “getting funds to grassroots organizations that already have a track record of providing everything from access to medical care to culturally informed guidance about the pandemic.” Read this whole article on VOX to learn more.

Amazing work, Dr. Green!