HDRS scholar Senderowicz publishes in Social Science & Medicine

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Our congratulations to new Health Disparities Research Scholar Leigh Senderowicz, PhD, who recently published a study in the journal Social Science & Medicine!

Senderowicz’s paper, “I Was Obligated to Accept”: A qualitative exploration of contraceptive coercion, uses in-depth interviews with 49 women in a sub-Saharan African country to explore the extent and forms of contraceptive coercion in global family planning programs:

Despite narratives about empowering women through contraception, global family planning programs are evaluated primarily by their ability to increase contraceptive uptake and reduce fertility in the developing world. Some scholars have raised concerns that this emphasis on fertility reduction and contraceptive uptake may contribute to situations where women are coerced into adopting contraceptive services they do not fully understand or want. Yet surprisingly little data have been collected to investigate whether such coercion exists or how it might manifest. In-depth interviews with 49 women of reproductive age in a sub-Saharan African country begin to fill this knowledge gap. Respondents reported a range of non-autonomous experiences including biased or directive counseling, dramatically limited contraceptive method mix, scare tactics, provision of false medical information, refusal to remove provider-dependent methods, and the non-consented provision of long-acting methods. The results show that, rather than a binary outcome, coercion sits on a spectrum and need not involve overt force or violence, but can also result from more quotidian limits to free, full, and informed choice.

You can read the whole article here