Landry and students present UHS telehealth poster at UW Showcase

Tags: Education, research

Mary Landry, MD, brought a poster to the UW-Madison Office of Strategic Consulting’s 2019 Showcase! Landry’s poster outlined a telehealth program she implemented at the University Health Services – in fall 2018, UHS patients with no contraindications were given the option of securing, renewing or changing their oral contraceptive prescriptions with a telehealth appointment rather than an in-person visit. During the pilot, the Women’s Health Clinic saw a seven percent increase in visits compared to the same period in 2017.

Landry’s co-authors on the poster, UW undergraduates Samantha Crowley and Carolina Mora Hurtado, co-presented the poster. After their triumph at UW Showcase, they will share their telehealth contraception work at American College Health Association conference in Denver at the end of May. Landry is also working with medical student Alekses Clifton to publish a detailed lit review and original research on implementation and health outcomes. 

Check out their poster – slide 32 of this collection from Showcase. Congratulations, Dr. Landry and team!