Landry discusses origins of Share the Health with Madison Essentials

In 2013, UW Ob-Gyn’s Mary Landry, MD, founded the Share the Health Free Gynecology Clinic to offer free gynecologic care to uninsured women. In an interview with Madison Essentials, Landry discussed the origins of the clinic, and the incredible amount of volunteer effort necessary to keep serving their patients:

After trying to come up with a solution that would satisfy the needs of the community while addressing the immediacy of the issue, Mary opted for what she saw the most efficient answer and started Share the Health, a nonprofit designed for uninsured women who need very procedure-oriented or high-level consultative services from OB/GYNs. Share the Health is composed of volunteer physicians, pathologists, staff at UW hospitals who prep the biopsies, ultrasonographers, nurses, lab techs, physical therapists, medical assistants, and interpreters. These are all people who saw what Mary showed them and knew it needed to change, sacrificing their time after work to increase the overall health of Greater Madison area residents.

Read the rest of An Honest View here. Thanks to Dr. Landry for her passionate stewardship of this incredibly important community resource.