Posters and more at 2019 Society for Maternal Fetal Medicine conference

Tags: residency, Education, maternal-fetal medicine

Members of the UW Department of Ob-Gyn Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, as well as residents and medical students, had an impressive showing at the 2019 Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine conference in Las Vegas, February 11-16.

All three MFM fellows attended the conference, which featured fantastic education on the latest in complex, high-risk pregnancy care. And members of the department brought several posters and abstracts to the conference:

Katie Antony, MD, co-authored two studies with colleagues at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas: “Maternal leptin levels are positively correlated with markers of inflammation with excess gestational weight gain”; and “GLP-2 and association with protection against metabolic endotoxemia in pregnancy from excess gestational weight gain.”

Kara Hoppe, DO, shared results from her telehealth hypertension program – “A non-randomized controlled study: Telehealth with remote patient monitoring vs standard care for postpartum hypertension.”

Ali Lohr, UW SMPH medical student and Shapiro mentee of Hoppe, presented “Correlation of self-reported depressed mood using telehealth and 6-week EPDS in postpartum women with hypertension.”

UW Ob-Gyn resident Brenda Niu, MD, PGY-3, presented “Cost-effectiveness of telehealth blood pressure monitoring in postpartum women with hypertension.” Hoppe served as Niu’s mentor for this project.

Congratulations to all who attended and presented!