Rice publishes call for universal contraceptive access in Gray Journal

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UW Ob-Gyn Department Chair Laurel Rice, MD, published an opinion piece in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology calling for universal support for contraceptive access.

Rice wrote the publication “Universal access to contraception: women, families, and communities benefit” during her term as American Gynecological and Obstetrical Society (AGOS) president; the article was co-authored by other leaders in contraceptive care across the country (with an assist from UW Ob-Gyn communications manager Jackie Askins).

The article outlines the many ways contraceptive care can improve life for women, families and society at a time when governmental support of contraceptive access is decreasing:

“Universal access to contraception benefits society: unintended pregnancies, maternal mortality, preterm birth, abortions, and obesity would be reduced by increasing access to affordable contraception. Women should be able to choose when and whether to use contraception, choose which method to use, and have ready access to their chosen method. State and national government should support unrestricted access to all contraceptives. As obstetrician-gynecologists, we have a critical mandate, based on principle and mission, to step up with leadership on this vital medical and public health issue, to improve the lives of women, their families, and society.”

Read the whole article here – thanks to Dr. Rice and the co-authors for their passionate defense of contraceptive choice for all.