Senderowicz publishes in Studies in Family Planning

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Health Disparities Research Scholar Leigh Senderowicz, PhD, published the paper “Contraceptive Autonomy: Conceptions and Measurement of a Novel Family Planning Indicator” in the journal Studies in Family Planning in May.

Senderowicz outlines prevailing global health discourse on contraceptives, which sometimes measures the success of family planning programs by number of people using effective contraceptive methods. But in the publication, Senderowicz suggests a new indicator for successful family planning programs: contraceptive autonomy.

Defining contraceptive autonomy as the factors necessary for a person to decide for themself what they want in relation to contraception and then to realize that decision, this indicator divides the contraceptive autonomy construct into subdomains of informed choice, full choice, and free choice. By acknowledging that autonomous nonuse is a positive outcome, aiming to maximize contraceptive autonomy rather than use could help shift incentives for family planning programs and reduce some common forms of contraceptive coercion, as our measurement approach is realigned with our focus on highquality rightsbased care.”

Read the whole publication here.