UW Ob-Gyn Global Health team share poster at Midwest Universities For Global Health conference

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UW Ob-Gyn co-directors of the Global Health program Cynthie Wautlet, MD and Jennifer Karnowski, MD presented a poster at the recent Midwest Universities for Global Health conference!

Along with Education Program Coordinator Helen Powling, MPH, and researcher Nicholas Schmuhl, PhD, Wautlet and Karnowski presented the poster “Transforming OB-Gyn Resident Education in Global Health: A Comprehensive Interdisciplinary Curriculum Mapped to APGO Objectives.” 

The poster shared the global health education team’s efforts to update the UW Ob-Gyn global health residency experience, including the expanded curriculum offerings of the department-wide Global Health Journal Club, and a new requirement to attend events around campus and reflect on how they address APGO objectives.