Ted Golos Professor - UW Obstetrics and Gynecology, Madison WI

Ted Golos, PhD

Primate Center
1223 Capitol Court
Madison, WI 53715
Administrative Assistant
Cindy Goss
Tel: 608-417-6314


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  • BS 1978 Marquette University, Milwaukee, WI
  • MS 1982 University of Illinois- Urbana, Urbana, IL
  • PhD 1984 University of Illinois – Urbana, Urbana, IL
  • 1st Postdoctoral Position: University of Pennsylvania

Research Focus

The Golos laboratory examines questions of placental biology relevant to human health and disease, using nonhuman primate models, human clinical materials, and human and nonhuman primate embryonic stem cells in their studies. Study of the maternal-fetal immune dialogue examines nonpolymorphic MHC class I molecules expressed on placental cells and their interactions with the maternal immune system, particularly endometrial natural killer cells and macrophages in promoting pregnancy success, including placental and decidual vascularization. In addition, embryonic stem cells and primate embryos are used to model implantation and placental morphogenesis, with 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional modeling and co-culture systems for understanding how placental cells carry on a dialog with the maternal endometrium. At the interface of these projects is the effect of maternal immune cells directly on rhesus blastocyst function and growth in 3-dimensional co-culture.

Maternal immune recognition of pregnancy, and regulation of a healthy implantation site and placenta, may play a significant role in pregnancy issues ranging from miscarriage and recurrent pregnancy loss to preeclampsia and intrauterine growth restriction. The primate model will allow direct experimentation at the maternal-fetal interface to develop experimental and therapeutic models of utero-placental function and dysfunction.

Research Funding

  • PI NIH 5 P51RR000167-49 05/01/10 – 04/30/11 A Primate In Vitro Implantation Model
  • PI NIH 5 P51RR000167-49 05/01/10 – 04/30/11 Pluripotent Stem Cell Differentiation
  • PI NIH 5 P51RR000167-49 05/01/10 – 04/30/11 Uterine NK Cells in Primate Pregnancy
  • PI NIH 5 P51RR000167-49 05/01/10 -04/30/11 Differential Trophoblast Formation from Rhesus Embryonic Stem Cells
  • PI NIH 5 P51RR000167-49 05/01/10 -04/30/11 Cynomolgus and Vervet Monkey Decidual Lymphocyte Populations
  • PI NIH 5 P51RR000167-49 05/01/10 -4/30/11 The Effects of Leukocytes on Early Implantation in the Rhesus Monkey
  • PI NIH 5 P51RR000167-49 05/01/10 – 04/30/11 Mesenchymel Embryonic Stem Cell Interactions
  • PI NIH 5 R01RR021876 04/01/06 – 03/31/11 A Primate ES Model for Embryo Implantation
  • PI NIH 5 R21AI07673 06/01/08 – 05/31/11 Primate Endometrial Responses to Placental MHC Class 1 Molecules