Research Infrastructure

The structure of the Department of Ob-Gyn’s research initiative is built out of five cores: Sponsored Projects and Finance; Human Subjects; Tissue Collection and Processing; Data Management and Statistics; and Training. 

Each Core provides personnel and resources for aspiring and seasoned researchers at every level. Our dynamic teams are there to assist with your project at every step of the way, from proposal to project completion. 

Introduction to the Research Cores 

The Sponsored Projects and Finance Core assists faculty and staff with grant proposals (pre-award) and management of grants (post-award). 

The Human Subjects Core provides faculty and staff with the necessary infrastructure and resources to support clinical research study coordination. Here you’ll find IRB and regulatory support, as well as Clinical Research Coordinators for participant recruitment. HSC also supports industry trials.

Located at UnityPoint Health-Meriter Hospital (Madison’s birthing hospital) with close access to fresh tissue for immediate testing and analysis and/or banking for later use, the Tissue Collections and Processing Core’s team of Research Specialists are available to help you access an array of samples for any project.

PHI? Data pulls? Not a problem. The Data Management and Statistics Core provides consultation to support the research needs of faculty, fellows, and residents for clinical, population health, medical education, quality improvement, and other projects.  

The Training Core provides support for, and management of, the department’s training grants, as well as student and trainee research events and continuing education opportunities. They also help coordinate the research training and onboarding of our students and faculty.