Dr. Spencer

These are unprecedented times. And we are rising to the challenge. Every day, we work to provide the best Ob-Gyn training experience in the country. Every day, we work for reproductive and racial justice for all women. We have not been deterred by the challenges of COVID-19, nor the ongoing reckoning with racial injustice. We are energized by these calls to action. Our department and program continue to offer the following for our residents:

  • Educational and service opportunities regarding diversity, equity, inclusion and anti-racism programs
  • Dedication to recruiting and retaining a diverse resident workforce in an inclusive work environment
  • A focus on resident wellness and well-being – especially as it relates to providing care during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Uninterrupted simulation curriculum in our own Ob-Gyn simulation lab that includes numerous video-assisted box trainers, state-of-the-art ultrasound simulator, two birthing simulators, and an emergency Cesarean/C-Hyst simulator
  • Ongoing, weekly, case-based didactics lead by faculty in a safe and engaging virtual format
  • Residency-level and institutional committee opportunities to engage in building up our medical community
  • Maintained high-level clinical volume for both Obstetrics and Gynecologic surgery
  • Structured mentorship for both career opportunities and resident research projects
  • Support for fellowship opportunities beyond residency

Our residents train at a world-class university medical center in one of the best cities in the United States (according to American College of Sports Medicine, US News and World Report, Nerdwallet, Forbes,  REI and more).

Outstanding clinical training is the bedrock on which our residency rests. From surgical volume to obstetrical experience to subspecialty rotations, all areas of our clinical and educational missions provide our residents with a comprehensive, robust and frankly amazing training experience.

Working side by side with outstanding faculty, our residents are able to experience progressive responsibility commensurate with their advancing clinical skills. We have several unique features including a Global Health Track, Rural Residency Program, a structured, mentored and supported resident research curriculum, and a focus on surgical simulation.

Our residents are the heart of the UW Department of Ob-Gyn and each one is valued for their uniqueness and strengths. The working and learning environment of our program is built on inclusivity, collaboration, humility, integrity and respect. Each resident is connected to peer and faculty mentors to provide guidance throughout their training. At UW Ob-Gyn, we wholeheartedly believe diversity is a source of strength, creativity and innovation that will help us promote equity in access to quality healthcare. We appreciate the unique contributions of each individual’s identity, culture, background, and experience.

This job is my dream job. I come to work everyday remembering the privilege to watch the rising generation of Ob-Gyns improve women’s health in Madison, Wisconsin, the United States and beyond!

Dr. Ryan Spencer

Residency Director

Ryan Spencer, MD MS

Associate Program Directors

Jackie Peebles, MD

Bridget Kelly, MD

Residency Program Coordinator

Ariel Sorenson
5E-UPH Meriter Hospital
202 S. Park Street,
Madison, WI 53715

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