Residency - Application Process

Application Process

Listed below you will find answers to the most frequently-asked questions (FAQ) about our application process.

  • There are six (6) Main Program PGY1 positions for July 2020.
  • There is one (1) Rural Track PGY1 positions for July 2020.
  • Applications are accepted only through ERAS.
  • Applications should be available for the program to vies on ERAS: Wednesday, October 21st.
  • Interview invites will be sent Tuesday, November 3rd.
  • Interviews are held in November and December.
  • We require a passing score of USMLE Step1 score as an application requirement, and passing both parts of USMLE Step 2 is required to start residency training.
  • We sponsor J-1 visas.
  • We require at least three letters of recommendation.  You can submit up to four letters.  Your letter writers should be those who know you the best.
  • Final interview status notification: Wednesday, December 23rd

Our interview dates for the 2020-2021 recruitment season are as follows:

  • Thursday, November 12th
  • Thursday, December 3rd
  • Thursday, December 10th
  • Thursday, December 17th

Listed below you will find answers to the most frequently-asked questions (FAQ) about our application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked a few of our current residents (like the ones pictured above): When you were considering the University of Wisconsin-Madison Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program, what were some of the burning questions in your mind?

Then we asked them to answer their own questions, based on their experiences thus far in the program. These are their unedited responses. Note: When more than one resident posed a similar question, we provided all answers.

A1: Madison is great. It obviously cannot offer the breadth of cultural experience available in a larger city like Chicago, New York, or L.A., but there is a great variety of things to do outside of work. The restaurant scene is great, much better than expected. Many of the restaurants in Madison are as good if not better than those in nearby Milwaukee or Chicago. There are many excellent venues for concerts, and many major acts come through town over the course of the year. Madison is a town that facilitates outdoor activity, and there are great, well-maintained bike paths and great places to safely run outside. Devils Lake state park is close by and provides an awesome place to hike, run, swim, camp, or just get outside.

A2: Madison is amazing. My husband and I hope to find jobs here in the future and have a family here.

A3: Madison is a great city to live in. There are a lot of activities, restaurants and events but the city is affordable, traffic is minimal.

A4: Madison is simply amazing. The program is lucky to have this town as its backdrop and I think it is very beneficial to recruiting.

A1: The residents in our program reach at least the 75th percentile, and often greater, in most surgical procedures. We perform fewer open abdominal cases than some programs, due to the volume of minimally invasive surgery. The Obstetric delivery volume is not as great as a large hospital in a larger city, but there is excellent exposure to complicated Perinatology patients.

A2: The surgical teaching has been very good, especially on certain services such as the UW Gynecologic Oncology and Meriter Gynecology rotations.

A3: Very good surgical training, especially vaginal and laparoscopic.

A1: There are a full 5 hours dedicated to resident education each Thursday ("Thursday University"). This time is expected to be call-free, and is generally not interrupted by service obligations.

A2: We have a very well organized education program. We have extensive lectures through Thursday didactics, and also have one of the most extensive simulation programs nationally. There are very clear learning objectives as well as learning resources for each rotation.

A1: Camaraderie between residents is the best thing about this program.

A2: I love my co-residents. We are a family. We do not compete with each other - we help each other.

A3: Extremely supportive!! There is a strong sense of teamwork. The faculty and senior residents always try to get the junior residents more involved in complicated cases, but are also always available to help them through challenging situations.

A4: We have a very relaxed department which to me is more conducive to learning. Also, our department social events are always a good time.

A1: Attendings are very supportive and are willing to listen to your assessment and plan and take it into account.

A2: Very collegial and supportive. Faculty are excellent teachers.

A1: Improved ultrasound curriculum and robotic certification program are two areas that are currently being worked on. Our program is very open to resident suggestions and is constantly working to improve resident education.

A1: The residents were the most relaxed OB Gyn residents I met anywhere. (from an incoming resident)

A1: UW was the only program that had everything I was looking for - a great group of supportive residents and faculty, a large volume of both ob and gyn cases, a well structured education program, and a strong simulation program. Everything has been better than I expected. Amazing support from senior residents and faculty and opportunities to see complicated cases and complications from routine cases early training, all while being supported from senior residents and faculty. Simulations prepare us well for complications.

A2: I really liked the people. My experiences in the program definitely matched my expectations. I love the people I work with, they are genuine and supportive.

A3: Good surgical experience, reputable program, fellowship support, great resident dynamics. Good department resources and support. Evolving curriculum, constantly striving to improve resident experience. So far so good.

A4: I found the residents to be very friendly and extremely motivated. The overall atmosphere at the interview was one of good people committed to doing good work. I also liked the size of the program, size of the town it was in, and general location. I liked the research and elective opportunities available in the program, and felt that the general training and didactics were comparable to other programs. (from an incoming resident)

Residency Program Manager

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