Bosse reflects on training time, shares what’s next after MFM Fellowship

After three years of intense fellowship training in the UW Ob-Gyn Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Bradley Bosse, MD, is preparing to graduate. Bosse shares what’s next after fellowship, the important lessons he will carry forward, and messages of gratitude for people who shaped his time in Madison.

Where will you be going and what will you be doing after UW Ob-Gyn?

I am moving back home to Reno, NV with my wife and joining a practice called the High Risk Pregnancy Center. 

What are the most important things you learned during your fellowship?

I have learned so much in fellowship but by far the most important things have been related to the art of consultation, ultrasound, and fetal diagnosis. 

How do you feel UW Ob-Gyn prepared you for success after fellowship?

UW OBGYN has provided me the tools to have a successful practice in MFM after fellowship. The programs provides such a wonderful mixture of exposures to consultation, antepartum care, and ultrasound. 

What will you miss most about UW Ob-Gyn and/or Madison?

My wife and I loved our time in Madison and are definitely going to miss living in the Midwest. I think the thing I'll miss most are the great group of attendings, colleagues, and residents the I have become so close with over the years. I think the people in the department are what makes the program so special. 

Any special shout-outs or thanks to faculty, staff, other trainees who really shaped your time here?

Huge thank you to Dr. Rhoades and Dr. Igor for the opportunity to train at UW. Major thanks to all of the MFM faculty and my co-fellows for all of the learning, mentorship, and support. Big shout out to all the residents who I have greatly enjoyed working with over the years.