Casey’Grant selected to join Black Maternal and Child Health Alliance of Dane County

UW Department of Ob-Gyn Outreach Specialist Cheryl Casey’Grant, BSW, MSW, was recently selected to join the Black Maternal and Child Health Alliance (BMCHA) of Dane County! BMCHA works to transform birth outcomes in Dane County by identifying, informing and advancing strategies that improve the reproductive, maternal and newborn health of Dane County’s Black population.  

Casey’Grant was selected to join the organization after a competitive application process. She shared some reflections about what joining the BMCHA means to her:  

Why did you want to join the Black Maternal Child Health Alliance? 

I wanted to join to help with the work to end barriers to Black maternal Health in Wisconsin.  I wanted to be a part of an organization that is working directly with the community to help engage policy makers, educators, health professionals on the importance of the maternal health among Black moms and babies. 

What are you most looking forward to accomplishing as part of the group? 

I am looking forward to gaining more knowledge on how I can work in the community to help improve maternal health equity for Black moms and Black babies. 

What are the group's goals? 

Engage and empower Black women and families in Dane County to advocate for and secure birth equity and the resources needed to achieve it. Formulate and advocate for system and environmental policy changes that achieve improved educate and involve the community in creating and implementing solutions that improve the health of Black mothers, children and families and quality of life outcomes for Black mothers, babies and families. Engage partners in creating tangible solutions and accountable measures that advance Black Maternal and Child Health. 

How will this appointment bring value to you professionally or personally? 

Professionally, it will place me in a position to educate the Department of Ob-Gyn on Black maternal health, the issues that involve their patients, and how we can work on ending those issues to help Black moms have a healthy outcome to their pregnancy.  For me personally, as being a Black mom who has experienced being pregnant here in Madison and knowing the obstacles that I experienced with the health care system, my main goal is to help with health disparities for black moms and other women of color experiencing hardship in Wisconsin and across the United States. 

Congratulations on this well-deserved honor, Cheryl!