CORE research brief projects access issues after Dobbs decision

A new research brief by UW Collaborative for Reproductive Equity researcher Jason Fletcher, PhD and CORE alumna Joanna Venator, PhD estimates changes in birth rates and number of abortions following the U.S. Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision earlier this year. 

Assessing access to abortion services for Wisconsin residents post-Roe” builds on previous research conducted by Fletcher and Venator after clinics in Green Bay and Appleton closed. This new brief looks at increases in distance to abortion care since all Wisconsin clinics stopped providing abortions and applies the changes in birth rates and numbers of abortions found in their previous study to today’s access landscape:

“The investigators use the rates of decline they found in their prior analyses to predict abortion trends in the current environment, in which all abortion services in Wisconsin are suspended. The investigators predict at least a 20 percent reduction in the number of abortions across the state, including 20 percent in Milwaukee and 30 percent in Dane County. They also predict 30 percent reductions in Brown, Columbia, and Manitowoc counties, among others.”

Read the whole research brief here! CORE shared an excellent overview of the findings here, and the Badger Herald published an article about the study here.