Cutler discusses ob-gyn training and abortion restrictions on WNYC Science Daily

Abigail Cutler, MD, MPH, assistant professor in the Division of Academic Specialists in Ob-Gyn, joined Science Friday for a recent podcast episode focussing on the post-Dobbs landscape across the U.S. and its implications for physicians and abortion access.

In “Abortion-Restrictive States Leave Ob-Gyns With Tough Choices,” Cutler talked about how abortion restrictions have affected physician’s abilities to train Ob-Gyn students, and effectively help patients in need of a variety of reproductive health services, not just abortion.

“Research we’re conducting here at the University of Wisconsin, which does illustrate that some OBGYNs certainly have contemplated leaving the state because of how the post-Dobbs legal landscape threatens their ability to practice medicine, and not just their ability to provide abortions, but their ability to provide standard evidence-based pregnancy care to their patients, especially when a pregnancy-related complication arises.”

Listen to the whole interview here!

**by Ob-Gyn Communications Intern Paige Stevenson