Green, Higgins cited in WPR article about Wisconsin birth rates

​Tiffany Green, PhD, associate professor in the Division of Reproductive and Population Health, and Jenny Higgins, PhD, MPH, professor and director of the UW Collaborative for Reproductive Equity and Division of Reproductive and Population Health, were cited in a recent Wisconsin Public Radio story about the effects of overturning Roe v. Wade in June 2022 on Wisconsin birth rates.

In “How did the Dobbs decisions affect the birth rate in Wisconsin,” WPR analyzed a new study that found out Wisconsin birth rates rose by 2.5 percent, estimating that 1,503 more births were directly related to the Dobbs decision. An opinion piece written by Green and Higgins for the Wisconsin State Journal was referenced for arguments they made in terms of Wisconsin communities.

When the Dobbs decision was announced, Wisconsin abortion providers stopped offering their services, forcing patients to travel further for safe abortions.

“In our role as scientists and public health professionals, we conclude that the evidence is clear: Restrictions and policies in our state that make abortion inaccessible and unaffordable harm the health and well-being of Wisconsin families,” said Green and Higgins.

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**by Ob-Gyn Communications Intern Paige Stevenson