Green talks about Wisconsin’s post-Dobbs landscape on MSNBC

Tiffany Green, PhD, assistant professor in the UW Ob-Gyn Division of Reproductive and Population Health, joined American Voices on MSNBC to discuss Wisconsin’s current abortion restrictions and what the outcome of the April 4, 2023 Wisconsin State Supreme Court election could mean for abortion access in the future.

In the interview, Green added important context about barriers to care affecting Wisconsinites prior to 2022:

“I want to make something pretty clear to the viewers that there were a lot of people living in a post-Roe Wisconsin prior to the Dobbs decision…even before Dobbs, we only had a handful of clinics in a couple of cities in Wisconsin.”

Watch “Prof. Tiffany Green: Residents in Wisconsin were living in post-Roe world before Dobbs decision”!