Hoppe’s Staying Healthy After Childbirth project with PRC publicized on WORT

The Staying Healthy After Childbirth​ program, led by Kara Hoppe, DO, MS, associate professor in the Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine, is the new core research project in the UW-Madison Prevention Research Center. WORT Community Radio in Madison covered the launch of Hoppe’s research with UWPRC at a recent community event.

The radio story “CDC-Funded Center Prioritizes Birthing Justice” outlines the goals of Hoppe’s STAC program:

“Her research at the Center as a Principal Investigator focuses on the six-week period postpartum, a time that is so often overlooked in medicine. Patients are typically sent home after a couple of days of recovery and many of them won’t see their doctors again until the standard six-week check up. More than 20 percent of mothers in Wisconsin are recorded to have high-blood pressure during their pregnancy or immediately following childbirth.

While most of these patients work closely with their doctors throughout pregnancy and are carefully monitored for any complications, their own health is often neglected postpartum with the chaos of caring for a newborn. This leaves a lot of room for error and even tragedy.”

You can listen to or read the whole story here.