Kushner publishes article in American Cancer Society Journal

David Kushner, MD, professor in the Division of Gynecologic Oncology, co-authored a new article published in American Cancer Society Journal. Co-authors include Narjust Florez, MD, Laurent Kiel, BS, Kelly Meza, MD, Zihan Wei, MS, Emanuele Mazzola, PhD, Ana I. Velazquex, MD, MSc, Idalid Franco, MD, MPH, Mary Jo Fidlr, MD, Ivy Elkins, Jill Feldman, Lori Seaborne, PA, Christine Heisler, MD, MS, Jennifer C. King, PhD, Amy Moore, PhD, Jacinta Wiens, PhD.

In “Sexual Health Assessment in Women with Lung Cancer study: Sexual health assessment in women with lung cancer”, Kushner and co-authors work to understand any correlations between lung cancer and sexual health. The study found that most women with stage IV lung cancer receiving targeted care felt little satisfaction in their sex lives.

“The most common reasons negatively affecting participants' satisfaction with their sex life included fatigue (40%) and feeling sad/unhappy (28%). Common reasons for lack of recent sexual activity included lack of interest (68%) and vaginal dryness or pain (30%). Compared to pre-diagnosis, women were significantly less likely to have recent interest in sexual activity. In multivariable logistic-regression, vaginal dryness showed a significant negative association with recent interest in sexual activity.”

Read the whole article here!

**by Paige Stevenson, Ob-Gyn Communications Intern