Study published in AJOG by UW CORE team examines contraceptive satisfaction and sexual side effects

A new study in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology uses data from a longitudinal cohort study to examine whether sexual acceptability of a contraceptive method predicts contraceptive satisfaction at three months.

A prospective analysis of the relationship between sexual acceptability and contraceptive satisfaction over time”, by Renee Kramer, PhD, MPH, UW Collaborative for Reproductive Equity and Division of Reproductive and Population Health Director Jenny Higgins, PhD, MPH, and co-authors, surveyed people who began using a new contraceptive method after three months to gauge their perceptions of sexual satisfaction and side effects:

“Among new-start contraceptive users, the patients’ sexual experiences with their birth control method were highly associated with contraceptive satisfaction at 3 months, more so than changes in vaginal bleeding, mood-related side effects, or physical side effects.”

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