Swan, Senderowicz publish study in Health Services Research

UW Collaborative for Reproductive Equity postdoctoral researcher Laura Swan, PhD, and Leigh Senderowicz, PhD, assistant professor in the Division of Reproductive and Population Health, and co-authors published a study in the journal Health Services Research!

In “Health care provider bias in the Appalachian region: The frequency and impact of contraceptive coercion”, authors used primary survey data to explore the frequency of upward coercion (pressure to use contraception) and downward coercion (pressure not to use contraception) among Appalachian people of reproductive age:

“This study utilized person-centered measures to investigate contraceptive coercion in the Appalachian region. We found that patients' perceptions of upward and downward coercion were associated with a decreased likelihood of using their preferred contraceptive method. Findings highlight the impact of contraceptive coercion on patients' reproductive autonomy. Promoting contraceptive access, in Appalachia and beyond, requires comprehensive and unbiased contraceptive care.”

Read the whole study here.