UW Ob-Gyn brings presentations, posters, film to 2023 CREOG & APGO Annual Meeting

The Council on Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Association of Professors of Gynecology and Obstetrics hosted their 2023 Annual Meeting in National Harbor, MD February 27-March 1. Faculty, residents, fellows, students, and staff in the UW Department of Ob-Gyn brought a variety of presentations to this education-focused conference. Just some of their incredible offerings:

Discussion Den: “Recognizing Small Potholes Before You Lose a Hubcap” – Ryan Spencer, MD, MS; Bridget Kelly, MD; Jody Silva, M.Ed; Ariel Sorenson, MS

Discussion Den: “Implementing a Resident to Resident Near Peer Laparoscopic Fundamentals Skills Curriculum” – Matthew Wagar, MD; Rachel Mojdehbakhsh, MD; Maya Gross, MD, MPH; Sumer Wallace, MD, MS; Ashely Jennings, MD

Film Festival: “Zoom In on Abortion: Experience with a Virtual Values Clarification Workshop” – Jacquelyn Askins; Rob Garza; Elise Cowley; Alma Farooque; Zoey Shultz; Laura Jacques, MD

Oral Abstract: “Building in a Small Town: Maintaining Procedural Volume in a Rural Ob-Gyn Residency Program” – Charlotte Urban; Jody Silva, M.Ed; Ryan Spencer, MD, MS

Oral Abstract: “Practice Makes Proficient: Implementation of an Advanced Robotic Surgery Pathway for Obstetrics and Gynecology Residents” – Maya Gross, MD, MPH; Matthew Wagar, MD; Sumer Wallace, MD, MS; Jennifer Karnowski, MD

Oral Abstract: “Building Bridges, Not Walls: Experiences of Medical Trainees with Values Clarification Workshops on Abortion” – Elise Cowley; Taryn Valley, MA; Alma Farooque; Zooey Shultz; Margaret Williams, MD; Laura Jacques, MD

Elise earned second place Best Oral Abstract award for her presentation!

APGO Surgical Education Scholars Poster: “Utilization of a Structured Adverse Event Debrief Framework to Confront Second-Victim Syndrome in Ob-Gyn Residents” – Ryan Spencer, MD, MS; Laura Jacques, MD

Poster: “Bridging the Virtual Divide: Ob-Gyn Residency Applicant Experiences with Virtual Interviews” – Laura Jacques, MD; Elise Cowley; Ryan Spencer, MD, MS

Poster: “Medical Student Attitudes Around Abortion and Reproductive Justice at One Midwestern Institution” – Erin Nacev, MD, MPH; Taryn Valley, MA; Mireya Taboada, MD, MPH

Congratulations to all the presenters!