Wagar published in Green Journal

In a new publication in the journal Obstetrics and Gynecology, UW Ob-Gyn resident Matt Wagar, MD, PGY-3 compared operative outcomes of postpartum tubal ligation and bilateral salpingectomy. Co-authors on the article include UW Ob-Gyn Division of Academic Specialists Director Makeba Williams, MD, and Amy Godecker, PhD.

The retrospective study “Postpartum Salpingectomy Compared With Standard Tubal Ligation After Vaginal Delivery” examined 10 years of data for patients who underwent tubal sterilization after vaginal delivery. The primary outcome comparison between the two procedures was operative time, with secondary outcomes of blood loss, complications, and readmission within six weeks. The study found:

“When using electrocautery, bilateral salpingectomy can be completed in the immediate postpartum period after vaginal delivery with equivalent operative times to bilateral tubal ligation.”

Read the whole study here. Incredible work, Dr. Wagar!