Welcome Olga Fajardo, MD, to ASOG Division!

Olga Fajardo, MD, has accepted our offer to join the UW Department of Ob-Gyn as a Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgeon (MIGS). Dr. Fajardo will start on August 14, 2023; in this role, she will be part of the faculty of the Division of Academic Specialists in Ob-Gyn. 

Fajardo graduated from the Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, followed by Obstetrics and Gynecology residency at Temple University Hospital in Philadelphia. She will complete her MIGS fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville this July. 

Fajardo brings an exciting depth of experience to our educational, research, and clinical missions. She is passionate about standardization and accessibility of education in the field of ob-gyn. In residency, she was awarded the national CREOG Empower Award for the idea of a National Ob-Gyn Residency Education curriculum. In fellowship, she developed the National FMIGS Didactic Education Curriculum, which launched in 2022 to provide MIGS fellowship programs with a two-year, standardized education curriculum. She is currently the chair of the national FMIGS research organization, the Fellows Pelvic Research Network. 

She brings clinical expertise in the management of gynecologic conditions including endometriosis, Mullerian anomalies, abnormal uterine bleeding, fibroids, adnexal masses, pelvic infection/abscess, and interstitial, c-section, and cervical ectopic pregnancies. She is experienced in performing a wide range of minimally invasive procedures including suction D&C for c-section scar ectopic pregnancies, hysteroscopic procedures such as rollerball endometrial ablation, resectoscopic excision of fibroids and intrauterine adhesions, and repair of uterine anomalies as well as complex minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures including excision of endometriosis with pelvic and retroperitoneal dissection, myomectomy, excision of large adnexal pathology, wedge resection for ectopic pregnancy, and hysterectomy for large uteri or endometriosis. 

Fajardo greatly enjoys collaborating with her colleagues and would love to work together in and out of the operating room to treat patients with complex gyn conditions. She performs her abdominal procedures primarily via conventional laparoscopy. She also speaks Spanish and Russian and is passionate about providing care for underserved patients. 

Dr. Fajardo will be an important addition to the Division of Academic Specialists in Ob-Gyn. We look forward to welcoming Dr. Fajardo to Wisconsin this summer!