Wisconsin Lifestyle

Discover Wisconsin. A Great Place to Live.

Wisconsin has long been known as a great place to live. Our communities are ranked among the best in the nation for quality of life.

A Commitment to Quality

strong dedication to quality and a long history of economic stability set Wisconsin apart as an exceptional place to live and do business. Wisconsin counts among its many assets:

  • A diverse and well-developed economy
  • A skilled, adaptable and dependable labor force
  • A highly developed infrastructure
  • An educational system among the best in the country
  • Strong and growing individual companies
  • An exceptional quality of life
  • Abundant, well-managed natural resources
  • Excellent ground, rail and air transportation with deep-port water accessibility
  • Commitment to new Wisconsin business

These qualities combined with an efficient and progressive government result in a business commitment you can count on.

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The Wisconsin Idea

The Wisconsin Idea, that "the boundaries of the University are the boundaries of the state" promotes statewide campus involvement, from outreach and individual consulting by professors, to providing practical advice to farmers through the Cooperative Extension Service and a network of county agents, or spreading the University's research findings to businesses through the University-Industry Research Program. 

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