Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology Program

Barroilhet/Patankar Labs celebrate graduates

The research labs of interim department chair Lisa Barriolhet, MD, MS and Division of Reproductive Sciences Director Manish Patankar, PhD celebrated some amazing graduates in May!Please help us congratulate Lojain Ibrahim Aljohani, MS and Kristal Gant, PhD, who graduated from the UW-Madison Endocrinology & Reproductive Physiology program, and Shannon Rush, MD, graduating UW ... more

Willging, trainee in Abbott Lab, presents at Diabetes Research Day

Molly Willging, a UW Endocrinology and Reproductive Physiology trainee in David Abbott’s lab in Reproductive Sciences, was one of the invited speakers presenting talks at the 2nd Annual UW Madison Diabetes Research Day on March 15-16, 2021. Willging presented part of her PhD thesis work “Hypothalamic ESR1 Gene Knockdown Elicits Intermittent Decrement In Postprandial Energy E... more