Phillips earns Junior Fellow prize paper at ACOG District VI meeting

Huge congratulations to Camille Phillips, UW School of Medicine and Public Health medical student and mentee of Laura Hanks, MD, assistant professor in the Division of Academic Specialists in Ob-Gyn! Phillips earned the Junior Fellow Prize Paper at the ACOG District VI Meeting in early October 2023.  

Phillips presented the paper “Sterilizations Rates of Pregnancy Capable People at a Single Institution in Wisconsin Before and After the Dobbs Decision” at the meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. Jeanette Larson, MD, PGY-2, Amy Godecker, PhD, and Laura Hanks, MD, co-authored the paper, which shared data from a retrospective chart review: 

“The June 2022 Dobbs vs. Jackson decision extremely restricted abortion care in Wisconsin, leading to uncertainty about how patients would respond to limitations on their reproductive freedom and bodily autonomy. Anecdotal data suggested that more patients were seeking permanent sterilization in direct response to the decision. Our presentation provides a summary of our retrospective chart review of all patients that received sterilizations at a single hospital in Wisconsin before and after the Dobbs decision. We will analyze what patient populations are receiving sterilizations post-Dobbs, and discuss what these trends mean for reproductive health care in an abortion-restricted state.” 

Incredible work, Camille!