Professional Development Funding Feature: Ladanyi attends physician leadership course

Each fiscal year, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Faculty Development Committee makes available a total of $10,000 for professional development. Faculty may submit applications at any time (until funds are exhausted for the current fiscal year).  

Camille Ladanyi, MD, assistant professor in the Division of Academic Specialists in Ob-Gyn, used Faculty Development Funding to expand her leadership skills. Read more about Ladanyi’s experience with the Faculty Development Funding Program, and learn how you can apply for faculty development funds here! 

What were your major takeaways from this course? 

It equips participants with the essential skills needed to excel in healthcare management and decision-making through focused interactive modules on communication, negotiation, quality, and influence. 

What did you learn that is impacting your work? 

  1. Learned to interpret non-verbal cues and word usage to discern underlying intents, master negotiation techniques, navigate quality improvement frameworks, and identify personal communication style and personality type.   
  2. Explored leadership influence maximized by aligning leadership styles with core values while mastering team leadership and productivity. 

How will your experience and what you learned in your training benefit the broader department of Ob-Gyn? 

This deeper dive into understanding interpersonal dynamics, strategic negotiation tactics, quality improvement theories, and effective team leadership strategies is helping me as I take on increasing leadership roles to lead with confidence and effectiveness.