Faculty Professional Development Grant


Faculty Professional Development Grant

Each fiscal year, the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Faculty Development Committee makes available a total of $10,000 for professional development. Faculty may submit applications at any time (until funds are exhausted for the current fiscal year). Divisions are encouraged to supplement the award. Applications with match funding will be given priority.

The focus of the professional development proposals is on training and/or development to improve the effectiveness of faculty in either current or future roles. The program should specifically enhance and refine those abilities most directly related to the mission and goals of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Awards may be used to:

  • Enhance or learn new clinical skills and techniques
  • Expand teaching methods
  • Develop skills in research grant writing
  • Learn to utilize new technology
  • Develop leadership and management skills

Applicants must fill out a one-page faculty development grant proposal form and submit it to the Faculty Development Committee at least 60 days prior to attendance at the program or activity. The Committee meets monthly and will consider the proposal at their next meeting, then notify applicants as soon as possible of their decision.

Please include with your application the proposed or previous conference brochure, promotional materials on the class or workshop, and/or other printed materials that show the relevance, quality and expense of the activity. Funds may be used for conference fees, training events, classes or other event fees as well as associated travel, meals and lodging. Higher priority will be given to proposals that require either no or limited travel.

Recipients are required to present a summary of their professional development award activities within 30 days of the activity.

The Faculty Development Committee will not approve funding for purchase of hardware, software, certification/license fees or capital equipment. The Committee will not approve salary requests.

Grant App

Download and email the Grant Application to Aimee Tobin.