Wellness Resources

Wellness Resources

COVID-19 Wellness Resources (Highlighted on April 23)

Level One

The Buddy System

Check in with a buddy daily to provide mutual support.

Facilitates habit of self-reflection & the benefit of helping others.

Level Two

OBGYN Wellness Resilience Guide (quick and easy to access strategies for improving mood and reducing stress)

UW Health Peer Support

Level Three

The Corona Virus Anxiety Workbook

Information Diet, Spheres of Influence, Tolerating Uncertainty, Thought Challenging, Gratitude, Breathing, Social Connections, Exercise, Stress-Resilience Action Plan

Supporting Resilience

Wellness Committee Resilience Guide - prepared by Dr. Julianne Zweifel

Coronavirus Anxiety Workbook

Stress, Anxiety, and COVID-19 - Dr. Julianne Zweifel on the Women's Healthcast

Mindfulness and Meditation:

Exercise, Fitness and Nutrition:

Institutional Resources:

Further Reading:

Department Resources:

National Resources:

Ob-Gyn Wellness Committee priorities: 

Ob-Gyn After-Hours Email Guidelines (PDF)

Please contact us about the UW Ob-Gyn Wellness Committee:

David Kushner, MD
UW Ob-Gyn Wellness Committee Chair

Jacquelyn Askins
UW Ob-Gyn Wellness Committee Coordinator