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Resident Research Program

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The resident research program at the UW Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology is an important part of the academic training. Each new day in healthcare brings countless medical advances and discoveries, which undoubtedly have implications for patients. Our philosophy that drives this program is to prepare residents for life in today’s ever-changing medical field and to ensure that they are equipped with skills to understand current and emerging scientific evidence in medical literature.

Since its inception, the residency program has worked to empower the trainees to properly interpret published research and use such researched evidence for the betterment of their patients. We believe: "In order for the residents in obstetrics and gynecology to be doctors of 21st century, they need to be well informed about current evidence regarding the conditions for which they are treating women. But to understand and have a grasp of the evidence in the literature, they need to really have a thorough understanding of how research is done."

Completion of a scholarly research project is a requirement for graduation. The department has a formal curriculum to train residents to understand and interpret the medical literature. During the program, each resident completes a scholarly project in the form of a clinical question that is explored in a structured literature critique. In addition, many of the department's world-renowned clinical and basic scientists are available to mentor more traditional resident research projects for individuals that chose to pursue an independent project. This is encouraged for all residents, and particularly for those interested in pursuing subspecialty fellowship training.

Residency Program Manager

Jody Silva, M.Ed.
202 S. Park Street, 5-East
Madison, WI 53715

Tel: 608-417-7463

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Check out our OBGYN Resident Manual  for an extensive look into our Program.


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