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Portrait of Ann Baggot

Ann Baggot, APNP

SMPH Preceptor

Portrait of Erin Bailey

Erin Bailey


Portrait of Rusha Bajpai

Rusha Bajpai

UW Health Resident

Generic placeholder image for Margaret Baker

Margaret Baker

Regulatory Specialist - Human Subjects Core

Portrait of Kim Bannon

Kim Bannon, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Portrait of Lisa Barroilhet

Lisa Barroilhet, MD, MS

Associate Professor

Portrait of Jasmin Barthel

Jasmin Barthel

Physician Assistant

Portrait of Kellie Baumann

Kellie Baumann

Clinical Research Manager

Portrait of Surena Becraft

Surena Becraft

Tissue Collections and Processing Core Manager

Generic placeholder image for Emily Behrend

Emily Behrend

Certified Nurse Midwife

Portrait of Michael Beninati

Michael Beninati, MD

Assistant Professor (CHS)

Portrait of Eliza Bennett

Eliza Bennett, MD, FACOG

Clinical Associate Professor

Portrait of Ashley Berka

Ashley Berka

SMPH Preceptor

Portrait of Zeki Beyhan

Zeki Beyhan

REI Lab Director

Portrait of Bala Bhagavath

Bala Bhagavath, MD

Professor (CHS)

Portrait of Kharmen Bharucha

Kharmen Bharucha

UW Health Resident

Portrait of Gregory Bills

Gregory Bills, MD, FACOG

Clinical Professor

Generic placeholder image for Cynthia Bird

Cynthia Bird

Temporary Research Technician

Portrait of Ian Bird

Ian Bird, PhD


Generic placeholder image for Laura  E Birkeland

Laura E Birkeland, MS, CGC

Assistant Professor (CHS)

Generic placeholder image for Tracy Blake

Tracy Blake

Medical Program Assistant

Portrait of Emma Blazel

Emma Blazel

Medical Program Assistant

Portrait of Sharon Blohowiak

Sharon Blohowiak, MS

Regulatory Specialist

Portrait of Krystal Boardman

Krystal Boardman, NP

SMPH Preceptor

Portrait of Derek Boeldt

Derek Boeldt, PhD

Assistant Professor

Portrait of Laura Bozzuto

Laura Bozzuto, MD, MS

Assistant Professor (CHS)

Generic placeholder image for Katie Burhans

Katie Burhans

Medical Coding Specialist II

Portrait of Jennifer Burken-Brett

Jennifer Burken-Brett

Clinical Research Supervisor