Grand Rounds Archive

The University of Wisconsin-Madison Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology welcomes locally, nationally, and internationally recognized experts on all areas of women’s health to present at Grand Rounds. Most Grand Rounds presentations take place from 8 to 9 a.m. on Thursday mornings at Bolz Auditorium, 124 S. Brooks St., Madison, WI, 53715. Locations, dates, and times are subject to change. Please refer to the official schedule to confirm details.

Everyday Scholarship

Linda Brubaker, MD 2/25/2021 Watch Now

Science of Mentorship: From Good Intentions to Good Practice

Angela Byars-Winston, PhD 2/11/2021 Watch Now

Combatting Racial Inequities in Infant Mortality: A Personal and Professional Journey

Jasmine Zapata, MD, MPH 2/4/2021 Watch Now

Transgender Patient Care: From Basics to Complex Medical Management

Dawn Davis, MD, PhD 1/28/2021 Watch Now

Badger Bytes - The Multiple Dimensions of Opioid Use for Women's Health

Deb Ehrenthal, MD, MPH
Lisa Baroilhet, MD, MS (Associate Professor); Emily Buttigieg, MD (PGY-4 Resident); Erin Nacev (M4)
1/7/2021 Watch Now

Navigating the Pandemic: COVID-19 on Labor and Delivery

Melissa Meyer, MD 12/17/2020 Watch Now

Waste within the Healthcare System: How Your Actions Impact Patients, Providers, and the Planet

Ramsey Larson, MD 12/3/2020 Watch Now

From Schoolhouse Rock to Modern Day Politics: Applying Childhood Lessons to Practical Advocacy Strategies in Women’s Health

Emily Buttigieg, MD 11/12/2020 Watch Now

Perinatal Mental Illness – an Early Adverse Life Event

Zachary Stowe, MD 11/5/2020 Watch Now

From Ebola to COVID-19: Lessons on Obstetric Care During a Global Pandemic

Stephanie Peace, MD 10/29/2020 Watch Now

Women's Health & Health Equity Research Lecture and Symposium

Keynote: Erica Marsh, MD
Presentation: "Ministration without Representation: The Essential Roles of Inclusion and Voice in Creating Health Equity"
10/8/2020 Watch Now

Moving Beyond Identification of Cancer Care Disparities: Untapping the Potential of Health Services Research

J. Alejandro Rauh-Hain, MD, MPH 9/3/2020 Watch Now

Moving from Cultural Competence to Antiracism

Naomi Takahashi, MSW, LCSW
Shiva Bidar, MA, Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
8/27/2020 Watch Now

Badger Bytes - Contraception

Leigh Senderowicz, SCD, MPH
Cynthia Wautlet, MD; Jenny Higgins, PhD, MPH
8/20/2020 Watch Now

Attitude Adjustments: Improving Health by “Treating” Knowledge and Beliefs

Nicholas Schmuhl, PhD 8/13/2020 Watch Now

Blood product utilization in Obstetrics and Gynecology: When less is more

Lisa Barroilhet, MD 7/16/2020 Watch Now

Wheelchair Barbie Goes to the Gynecologist: A Perspective of the Sexual and Reproductive Health Care of Women with Disabilities

Cody Unser, MPH 7/9/2020 Watch Now

The Intersection of Human Trafficking and Wisconsin's Youth

Ron Heinrich, PhD 7/2/2020 Watch Now

Building the Most Important Memories of Residency, Your Muscle Memory: Surgical Simulation in Ob-Gyn Training

Antonio Romo de Vivar Chavez, MD 6/11/2020 Watch Now

Heart Matters: Cardiovascular Disease & Pregnancy

Kathleen Ireland, MD, UW-Madison Department of Ob-Gyn (PGY4 Resident Presentation) 6/4/2020 Watch Now

Briefcase Concepts: How Well do Clinical Practice Guidelines Travel?

Claire Wendland, MD, PhD 3/12/2020 Watch Now

What's My Impact?

Amy Young, MD 3/5/2020 Watch Now

The 4W Women and Wellbeing Initiative: The Role of Higher Education in Making Life Better for Women and Making the World Better for All

Lori DiPrete Brown, MSPH, MTS 2/13/2020 Watch Now

Immunizations & Pregnancy: Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies

James Conway, MD, FAAP 2/6/2020 Watch Now

Obstetric and Gynecologic Manifestations of Sjogren's Syndrome

Sara McCoy, MD 1/30/2020 Watch Now

Interdisciplinary Approaches in Translational Research: A Case Study of Targeting the Epigenome in Treatment of Airway Remodeling

Allan Brasier, MD 1/23/2020 Watch Now

Lessons Learned: How the Clinical Research Office Can Help

Jenny Poetter, Melissa Zernick, Sharon Blohowiak, Robin Wasielewski, Rosalina Villalon Landeros 1/9/2020 Watch Now

The Most Unequal of the Unequal: Obstetric Fistula in Developing Nations

Sierra Jansen, MD 12/12/2019 Watch Now

Surgical Coaching

Caprice Greenberg, MD, MPH 12/5/2019 Watch Now

Thirty Days: Sterilization Policy in the United States

Anna Drewry, MD 11/14/2019 Watch Now

With a Flashlight and a Speculum: The Goals and Products of the Women's Health Movement

Judith Houck, PhD 11/7/2019 Watch Now

Tablets, Texts, and Teleconferencing: Telemedicine in Ob/Gyn

Brenda Niu, MD 10/31/2019 Watch Now

A Worrying Profession: Medical Practice in Mid-19th Century Wisconsin

Judith Leavitt, PhD 10/24/2019 Watch Now

Hands on Research Resources

Amy Godecker, PhD 10/10/2019 Watch Now

Saving Black Mothers and Babies: What do the Data tell us?

Tiffany Green, PhD 10/3/2019 Watch Now

Going Viral, HPV Updates

Ashley Jennings, MD 9/19/2019 Watch Now

Disclosure Discussions in the Clinical Setting

Robert Ebbe, JD, CPHRM and Jan Haedt, BS, RN, CPHRM 8/22/2019 Watch Now

When a Specialty Becomes “Women’s Work”: Occupational Gender Segregation in Medicine

Elaine Pelley, MD 8/8/2019 Watch Now

Surgical Obesity Care for Women

Anne Lidor, MD, MPH, FACS 8/1/2019 Watch Now

Exploring Strategies for Diversity and Inclusion: Moving Toward Health Equity

Jennifer Edgoose, MD, MPH 7/25/2019 Watch Now

Lollipops and Venetian Blinds

Ken Kim, MD 6/13/2019 Watch Now

Working With The Laboring Brain: The Mechanisms Behind Birth Doula Support and Meeting Attachment Needs During Labor

Amy L. Gilliland, PhD, Adv/BDT(DONA) 6/6/2019 Watch Now

Vitamin D and Reproductive Outcomes: Moving Beyond the Current Observational Data

Samantha Butts, MD 5/23/2019 Watch Now

The State of Sexual and Reproductive Rights Globally: An Urgent Time (7:00am)

Senait Fisseha, MD, JD 5/9/2019 Watch Now

The Millennial Medical Student

Emily Rosen, MD 5/2/2019 Watch Now

Sterilization: The good, the bad and the ugly (8:00 a.m.)

Eve Espey, MD, MPH 4/11/2019 Watch Now

Maternal Mortality Reduction: Epidemiology and Policy Approaches (7:00 a.m.)

Nirav Shah, MD, JD 4/11/2019 Watch Now

Developing Cancer Prevention Agents; Waiting for Godot?

Howard Bailey, MD 4/4/2019 Watch Now

Clinical Research and Quality Improvement: Whose Job is it Anyway?

Shitanshu Uppal, MD 3/7/2019 Watch Now

Placental Transfusion Practices: An Evidence Update

Ryan McAdams, MD 2/14/2019 Watch Now

Neovaginal Reconstruction in Vaginal Agenesis: Optimizing Outcomes

Christine Heisler, MD, MS 2/7/2019 Watch Now

Surgical Menopause Risks, Benefits, and Treatment Options

Makeba Williams, MD 1/24/2019 Watch Now

Engaging Medical Students in Clinically Meaningful Research

Rebecca Sippel, MD, FACS 1/10/2019 Watch Now

The Face of my OBGYN: Why Diversity Matters

Han Cun, MD 11/29/2018 Watch Now

Perineal Outcomes Following Birth

Rebecca Rogers, MD 11/8/2018 Watch Now

Womb for Rent? An Overview of the Modern Gestational Carrier

Lauren Verrilli, MD 11/1/2018 Watch Now

Why Health Equity?

Sheri Johnson, PhD 10/11/2018 Watch Now

Variation in Case Management Programs and Their Effectiveness in Managing High-Risk Patients for Medicare ACOs

Maureen Smith, MD, PhD, MPH 10/4/2018 Watch Now

A Cloudy Side of PCOS: Hint it's Not Infertility

Laura Cooney, MD 9/27/2018 Watch Now

Caring for Asylum Seekers: The Role of the Ob/Gyn Physician

Anna Meyer, MD 8/30/2018 Watch Now

Now that we Know "Ovarian Cancer" Comes from the Fallopian Tubes...

Diane Yamada, MD 8/23/2018 Watch Now

One Size Does Not Fit All: How to Address Patients with Obesity from the Waiting Room to the Exam Room and Beyond

Katie Antony, MD 8/2/2018 Watch Now

Beyond the Fetus: Non-Obstetric Imaging of the Pregnant Patient

Elizabeth Sadowski, MD 6/14/2018 Watch Now

Keeping it Real! What do we Know About Reproductive Health Care Across Wisconsin?

Deb Ehrenthal, MD, MPH 6/7/2018 Watch Now

The Obesity Epidemic: Could it be an Oocyte Issue?

Kelle Moley, MD 5/31/2018 Watch Now

Advocacy in Ob-Gyn

Sumer Wallace, MD and Connie Schulze, MS 5/24/2018 Watch Now

The Intersection of Clinical Trials and Health Disparities

Laurel Rice, MD 5/10/2018 Watch Now

Home Sick: Looking at Health Outcomes in Women Experiencing Homelessness

Patrice Grzebielski 4/12/2018 Watch Now

Reproductive Justice Locally Applied

David Turok, MD, MPH 4/12/2018 Watch Now

The Promise of Genomic Medicine

Stephen Meyn, MD, PhD 4/5/2018 Watch Now

Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery: It's a Numbers Game

Christine Heisler, MD, MS 3/22/2018 Watch Now

Obesity: A Growing Problem

Paola Gehrig, MD 3/3/2018 Watch Now

Preventing Surgical Site Infection after Cesarean Delivery

Ross Harrison 2/8/2018 Watch Now

Taking on Gestational Sleep Apnea: An Interdisciplinary UW Initiative

Mihaela Bazalakova, MD, PhD 1/25/2018 Watch Now

Teach: Touch the Future

Jessica Bienstock, MD 1/11/2018 Watch Now

Closing in on Molecular Pathogenesis of PCOS

David Abbott, PhD 12/7/2017 Watch Now

The Ethical Debate of Curing the Vesico-Vaginal Fistula: A Historical Perspective

Hayley Barnes, MD 11/30/2017 Watch Now

Thinking Beyond the Medical Home: Bridging Primary, Specialty, and Community Care

Christie Bartels, MD, MS 11/2/2017 Watch Now

Challenges in Achieving Equity in Health Outcomes

Haywood Brown, MD 10/12/2017 Watch Now

High Stakes Communication

Toby Campbell, MD 9/21/2017 Watch Now

Sentinel Lymph Nodes in Gynecologic Cancers

Ryan Spencer, MD 9/14/2017 Watch Now

Evidence-Based Treatment of Morbid Obesity-Bariatric Surgery

Michael Garren, MD, FACS, FASMBS 8/24/2017 Watch Now

Recognizing and Responding to Disruptive Events

Robert Ebbe, JD, CPHRM and Jan Haedt, RN, BS, CPHRM 8/10/2017 Watch Now

The Power of Pregnancy Ambivalence: Five Key Research Findings That Impact Patients' Contraceptive Use and Reproductive Health

Jenny Higgins, MD, MPH 7/13/2017 Watch Now

Good Clinical Practice

Tracy Ohrt, MS, CCRC, CCRA 6/29/2017 Watch Now

Tackling the Taboo and Updating the Undercarriage: Where Are We with Pelvic Floor Disorders in 2017?

Heidi Brown, MD, MAS 6/6/2017 Watch Now

Postpartum Hypertension: Why should we care?

Kara Hoppe, DO 6/1/2017 Watch Now

Patient Safety: Moving Beyond the Cheese

Jake Lauer, MD 5/25/2017 Watch Now

EQUITY...A Dream Deferred

Arthur James, MD 5/11/2017 Watch Now

Two Surgeon Career Couples

Eugene Foley, MD, and Laurel Rice, MD 5/4/2017 Watch Now

Surgical Management of Endometriosis

Tommaso Falcone, MD 4/27/2017 Watch Now

Novel Approaches to Diagnosis and Treatment of Ovarian Cancer

Manish Patankar, PhD 3/30/2017 Watch Now

Family Planning: The State of Our State

Carley Zeal, MD, MPH 3/23/2017 Watch Now

Population Health at UWH

Jonathan Jaffery, MD 3/9/2017 Watch Now

Uterine Morcellation: Where Are We Now?

Cara King, DO, MS 3/2/2017 Watch Now

Transgender Healthcare for the Gynecologist

Caroline Kieserman-Shmokler, MD 2/23/2017 Watch Now

Conservative Management of Early Endometrial Cancer

Charles Ashley, MD 2/9/2017 Watch Now

Ob/Gyn Resident Wellness & Resiliency

Janessa Rohrbach, MD 12/8/2016 Watch Now

Uterine Fibroids

Elizabeth Stewart, MD 11/3/2016 Watch Now

New Designs in Adolescent Health

Melissa Gilliam, MD, MPH 10/20/2016 Watch Now

Perinatal Loss

Kristen M. Sharp, MD 10/13/2016 Watch Now

Rural Residency

Ellen M. Hartenbach, MD 9/22/2016 Watch Now

Humor & Cancer

Stephen Rose, MD 9/22/2016 Watch Now

Resident Education in Obstetrics and Gynecology: The Sky Isn't Falling, but May be Drooping

Saketh Guntupalli, MD 8/4/2016 Watch Now

OBGYN Grand Rounds, Dr. Aaron Styer

Aaron Styer, MD 7/7/2016 Watch Now

OBGYN Department Research Day 2016-Resident and Fellow Presentations

Katherine O'Rourke, MD; Ashley Jennings, MD; Erin Medlin, MD; Justin Bohrer, MD; David Kushner, MD; Ian Bird, PhD 5/19/2016 Watch Now

OBGYN Department Research Day-Faculty Presentations

Dinesh Shah, MD; Aleks Stanic-Kostic, MD, PhD; Heidi Brown, MD 5/19/2016 Watch Now

Elective Induction at 39 Weeks: Friend or Foe?

Willliam Grobman, MD, MBA 5/19/2016 Watch Now

A Big Problem in Gynecologic Oncology

Neil Horowitz, MD 1/8/2015 Watch Now

To Tell or Not to Tell: Factors that Influence Disclosure of Depression Sumptoms among a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Group of Women

Abiola Keller, MPH, PA-C 9/18/2014 Watch Now

Overcoming the Translational Barrier in Preeclampsia Research

Derek Boeldt, PhD 9/18/2014 Watch Now

The Implications of Unwanted Pregnancies for Women's Mental Health

Jenny Higgins, PhD, MPH 9/18/2014 Watch Now

Misogyny and Women's Health

David Grimes, MD 9/18/2014 Watch Now

A Research Career in Global Women's Health

Jeffrey Stringer, MD 5/22/2014 Watch Now

Pregnant & Septic? A practical approach to diagnosis and treatment

Laura Riley, MD 10/10/2013 Watch Now

Personal Perspectives on the Evolution of Women's Health Research

Vivian Pinn, MD 9/12/2013 Watch Now

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