WiSSP Protocol

What follows is an outline of the steps in the appropriate evaluation of a stillborn. ALL stillborns should have the following information obtained about them: external clinical examination; photographs; radiographs; chromosomal evaluation; pre-natal and perinatal histories; formal postmortem evaluation including internal postmortem and placental and cord examination; Kleihauer-Betke testing for fetomaternal transfusion. You can either click on the desired protocol step in the outline or page through the entire protocol sequentially.

Protocol flowchart

  1. Consent Procedures
  2. External Clinical Examinations
  3. Photographs
  4. Radiographs
  5. Cytogenetics
  6. Placental and Cord Examinations
  7. Internal Postmortem
  8. Kleihauer-Betke Testing
  9. Counseling

Justification of WiSSP Protocol
Most Often Asked Questions about Stillbirth Evaluation
Guide to the Etiologic Evaluation of the Stillborn