Educational Resources

"Your stillborn baby: Finding Answers" is written for parents whose babies have died, offering information about WiSSP services and general grief and loss support.

Other helpful resources that can be found on this website include:

WiSSP scientific publications may be of interest to physicians, nurses, and counselors. This series of articles describes the Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program and assesses the findings regarding etiology of stillbirth derived from infants referred to the program. Abstracts of these papers are available online.

Our Glossary provides definitions of medical terms commonly used when talking about stillbirth that can be of service to family, friends and the general public.

The WiSSP Resource Library is an annotated bibliography of books, audio tapes, and other resources that may be of use for family, friends, and the general public.

The Stillbirth Assessment Protocol generated by WiSSP for use by physicians and nurses in the etiologic assessment of stillborn infants, while accessible on this web site, is also available in full form in our "Protocol Packet." This packet includes:

  • protocol algorithm
  • parent letter
  • consent forms
  • clinical examination forms
  • guidelines for photographs, x-rays, Kleihauer-Betke testing, and chromosome analysis
  • answers to commonly asked questions about stillbirth evaluation

WiSSPers is the official newsletter of WiSSP, but is currently in abeyance due to lack of funding. Every issue contains articles of direct relevance to nurses, physicians, and counselors who work with parents who experience stillbirth. Generally, each quarterly issue contained:

  • An In Depth review of a specific topic, by the WiSSP Director
  • Critiques of recently published articles in professional journals (In the Lit)
  • A guest article (Guest Corner) from an expert in the field
  • A review of selected parent resources (From the Lending Library), and
  • A biography of an individual important to our efforts (Personal Portraits)

Back issues of WiSSPers may still be relevant and can be accessed below. Listed with each volume is its In Depth and Guest Corner article(s). A listing of articles, books and resource materials reviewed in WiSSPers also is available.