WiSSPers is the official newsletter of WiSSP, but is currently in abeyance due to lack of funding. From Fall of 1993 until 1999, WiSSPers provided relevant articles to nurses, physicians, and counselors who work with parents experiencing stillbirth. Generally, each quarterly issue contained:

  • An In Depth review of a specific topic, by the WiSSP Director
  • Critiques of recently published articles in professional journals (In the Lit)
  • A guest article (Guest Corner) from an expert in the field
  • A review of selected parent resources (From the Lending Library), and
  • A biography of an individual important to our efforts (Personal Portraits)

Both current and back issues of WiSSPers can be accessed below. Listed with each volume is its In Depth and Guest Corner article(s). A listing of articles, books and resource materials reviewed in WiSSPers also is available.

Past issues are still relevant and are available electronically below.


Volume 6 Number 1 and 2 December 1999
Volume 5 Number 4 April 1999
Volume 5 Number 2 and 3
Fall/Winter 1998
In Depth: A Sixteen Year Retrospective of Stillbirth Assessment
Guest Corner: Ten Common Myths About Children and Grief
Volume 5 Number 1
June 1998
In Depth: Case Studies from the Wisconsin Stillbirth Service Program - #1
Guest Corner: "Creating Memories," Cynthia Fritz
Volume 4 Number 4
Feb. 1998
In Depth: Jugulolymphatic Obstruction Sequence and Stillbirth
Guest Corner: "Yesterday was my son's birthday," Cynthia Fritz
Volume 4 Number 3
In Depth: Confined Placental Mosaicism
Guest Corner: A Burial Option for Babies Who Die Before Birth
Volume 4 Number 2
July 1997
In Depth: Looking for Infection in Stillborn Infants
Guest Corner: SHARE, Cathi Lammert RN; Bereavement Services/RTS, Fran Rybarik RN, MPH.
Volume 4 Number 1
April 1997
In Depth: Stillbirth Assessment in the Era of Managed Care
Guest Corner: Moving Forward in the Managed Care Environment, Daniel J. Bier, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Association for Perinatal Care
Volume 3 Number 4
Dec 1996
In Depth: Cocaine, Pregnancy, and Risk of Intrauterine Death
Guest Corner: An Editorial Perspective, Richard M. Pauli, Director of WiSSP
Volume 3 Number 3
Oct 1996
In Depth: Chromosomes and Stillbirth: Abnormalities in Stillborns
Guest Corner: Research into the Causes of Stillbirth, Leslie Biesecker, Researcher at the National Center for Human Genome Research
Volume 3 Number 2
June 1996
In Depth: Chromosomes and Stillbirth: Introduction to Cytogenetics
Guest Corner: Pregnancy Following Perinatal Loss: An Intervention Program for Parents, Joann O'Leary, Parent-Infant Specialist
Volume 3 Number 1
Feb 1996
Guest Corner: Working with the Bereaved Adolescent Mother:
Challenges, Lessons, and Guidelines, Connie Nykiel, Certified Professional Childbirth Educator for Teen Moms\
Volume 2 Number 4
Nov 1995
In Depth: Fetal Deaths at Less than 20 Weeks Gestation
Guest Corner: Diaphragmatic Hernia, Cynthia Curry, Director of Medical Genetics and Prenatal Detection, Valley Children's Hospital, Fresno, CA
Volume 2 Number 3
July 1995
In Depth: Radiologic Assessment of Stillborns
Volume 2 Number 2
Apr 1995
In Depth: Parvovirus B19 and Intrauterine Death
Guest Corner: Disposition of the Body after Stillbirth, Sue Lendborg, Perinatal Social Worker, Meriter-Park Hospital, Madison, WI
Volume 2 Number 1
Jan 1995
In Depth: Maceration and the Timing of Intrauterine Death
Guest Corner: Observing A Grief: A Religious Response, Fr. Razz Waff, Director of Pastoral Care, St. Luke's Episcopal Hospital, Racine, WI
Volume 1 Number 4
Oct 1994
In Depth: Disruptions and Stillbirth
Guest Corner: The Story of a Perinatal Mortality Counseling Program, Kenneth R. Kellner, Professor of Maternal/Fetal Medicine, University of Florida College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL
Volume 1 Number 3
Spring 1994
In Depth: Twinning and Intrauterine Death
Guest Corner:The Emotional Impact of Stillbirth in a Multiple Pregnancy, Jean Kollantai, Co-founder of the Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB)
Volume 1 Number 2
Winter '93-94
In Depth: The Umbilical Cord and Stillbirth
Guest Corner: Your Part in the Caregiving Equation, Sherokee Ilse, Professional Consultant, Speaker, and Author on bereavement isssues
Volume 1 Number 1
Fall 1993
In Depth: Fetal-Maternal Hemorrhage and Stillbirth
In Depth: Lower Mesodermal Defects
Guest Corner: Tips for Caring for a Stillborn Infant, Bonnie K. Gensch, Bereavement Services/RTS