About this Website

The WiSSP website has three basic goals:

  1. To increase general awareness and knowledge about stillbirth, its causes, frequency, and the parental needs following such an experience;
  2. To provide access to accurate information and linkages to families who have experienced stillbirth;
  3. To provide scientifically and medically sound information to medical and support professionals, helping to care for families who have experienced stillbirth;

These goals are fulfilled through the various pages within this website:

While stillbirth is a common event, many people know little about it. Parents and others who have questions may find answers and detailed information on the For Parents, Families, and the Public page.

WiSSP is one of several sites reaching out to those who are grieving. With our links to Support Sites and Support Organizations, parents of a stillborn child will know they are not alone.

The WiSSP annotated WiSSP Resource Library is large and diverse, with books for both children and for adults. A large number of books and other resources are reviewed, not only those for bereaved families but also those for support professionals looking to help bereaved parents cope with their loss.

A unique aspect of the WiSSP website is the large amount of information we have generated For Physicians, Nurses, and Counselors. WiSSP has generated a step-by-step protocol for the etiologic investigation of intrauterine death.