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Obstetrics and Gynecology


Completed projects

Importance Of Endothelial Cell-Cell Communication At The Maternal Fetal Interface Test
Sponsor: NIH P01 HD038843- (Bird-PI)

This proposal studies cell cell communication in uterine and umbilical vascular endothelium in pregnancy and the role of kinase activation in regulating those processes in preeclampsia.

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Mechanisms Of Endothelial And Embryonic Stem Cell Regulation In Pregnancy
Sponsor: NIH P01 HD038843 (Bird Project 1 PI, Core C CoPI)

Studies under this proposal sought to further our understanding of the basic control of placental and uterine perfusion and mechanisms contributing to fetal pathophysiology in conditions such as pre-eclampsia and IUGR.

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Placental Angiogenic Factors& Endothelial NO Production
Sponsor: NIH P01 HD38843 (Bird Project 1 PI, Core 2 PI)

These studies provided a significant advance in both the understanding of normal control and coordination of Uterine artery and Placental artery endothelial function and the mechanism underlying pregnancy-induction of increased Uterine artery refractoriness to a variety of vasoconstrictors. As such they provided a new model of endothelial cell function on which future studies searching for the maternal and feto-placental vascular dysfunction leading to preeclampsia and IUGR were based.

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